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How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

Withdrawing from a Class

Students desiring to withdraw from classes must contact Student Development to obtain the necessary forms and procedures for official withdrawal. Students who stop attending a class without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of “F,” which is computed as a failing grade.  Students who have not attended at least once by the 10 percent date of the class will be dropped by the instructor as “never attended.” No tuition and fee adjustments will be made. Students who withdraw from a course(s) within the first 30% of class hours will receive a grade of “W” which will not be computed in the GPA (Grade Point Average). Students who withdraw from a course(s) after this period must receive a grade of “WP” (Withdraw Passing) or “WF” (Withdraw Failing) as determined by the course instructor. A “WP” will not be computed in the GPA whereas a “WF” will be computed as a failing grade. Please refer to the Academic Calendar to review withdrawal deadlines for the current school year.  

Students who withdraw after the twelfth week of classes must obtain permission in writing from their instructor and the Department Chair. Permission will be granted for extenuating circumstances only. Documentation must be required. No withdrawals may be requested during the last week of the semester.

Note: Financial Aid students who stop attending class and receive a grade of “WP,” “WF,” or “W” are required to repay a percentage of their Federal Aid back to the Department ofEducation.

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